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Sunday, July 23, 2006


Roboyo is a boy who can call a variety of robots to come to his aid whenever he feels like he is in danger. “This is Roboyo, I’m in trouble. Send a robot on the double!”

Roboyo can talk his way out of most any situation. Unfortunately his mouth runs him into way more trouble than his brains can get him out of. Roboyo’s family has a secret. They have been deeply involved in espionage for generations. Roboyo’s grizzled grandfather, The Cougar, is the current leader of the Ultra Secret Service. The spy gene has skipped a generation with Roboyo’s father to The Cougar’s chagrin. The Cougar has put all his hopes on Roboyo to keep the family legacy alive.

The only good thing about hard times is that it can't last forever. Over the last couple of weeks the studio has hit rock bottom. We lost most of our contracts, had to layoff most of our talent, the bank account is almost completely drained and the tax man is knocking. I had to question myself on the viability of this studio. Fortunately my cousin, a successful businessman, assured me that if people are calling you to do work then you ARE a viable business. I re-examined the business and though there is some restucturing that must be done I can see a clearer direction for us. With a little luck and no more major hickups we should be fine.



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