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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DAVE School adds 3D Stereoscopic Animation to it's 1-year program!

The Digital Animation & Visual Effects School at Universal Studios Florida in conjunction with 3DBlast, Inc., has incorporated a new series of lessons into the their program designed to give students first hand experience working in stereoscopic 3D.

"It can be confusing because people often refer to CGI as 3D animation, but what we are talking about is the 'coming at ya' experience that was popular back in the 50's," says 3DBlast's Jim Carbonetti. "And now, Hollywood is bringing 3D back with a vengeance. In the last two years, hundreds of theaters have installed state-of-the-art projection systems (mostly from REAL-D) for viewing 3D movies. Every major studio is currently creating stereoscopic 3D content. What's old is new again, only this time the technology is better than ever!"

The Dave School offers intensive career training in Computer Animation for Film, Television, Gaming, and More. Their 1 Year program includes hard surface and organic modeling, character animation, visual effects compositing and more.

Employment skills and career building are woven into the entire curriculum. The Dave School's Diploma and Occupational Associates Degree programs are both licensed by the Florida Department of Education and approved for Veterans and International Students.



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