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Friday, August 08, 2008

Ribbit Films’ Motion Green Screen Gets Higher Click Through Rate

Ribbit Films is the leader in high-def green screen motion stock footage. It is observing a strong shift towards video and motion formats in the world of internet advertising. The marriage of video with interactivity poses a great opportunity for advertisers to reach web surfing consumers in an effective new way.

Researchers find much higher click through rates with various forms of video advertising over stationary images. The click-through rate for online video ads up to four times greater, depending on the video format, than the click-through rate for plain GIF or JPG image ads according to DoubleClick data.

As creators of green screen motion stock footage, an increasingly popular resource for internet advertising programmers, Navarre Joseph (president of Ribbit Films) predicted this shift in advertising after opening his company in 2004. “When we first started, we were at the beginning cusp of high-def and web viewed TV programming,” Navarre Joseph said. “It’s no surprise that innovative motion advertising is becoming the medium of choice for internet advertisers. It drives brand awareness and sales so much better. . . when starring at a still computer screen, live action motion ads catch the eye really well, and advertisers have really begun to understand this.”


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