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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

City Installation Art Piece

I am proposing a work of art that involves the whole community.

The whole community will be asked to engage in the artful transformation of the alley space between 2620 and 2622 West Simpson Street. The space right now is a waste. It is home to dumpsters, trashcans, and rodents. This artful transformation will not only make it into a work of art, but also a beautiful model for the community.

I will empty out the alley of all the garbage and waste. Then, I will close the area off with a glass wall for viewers to watch the transformation as it takes place. Once the wall is up, the next part of the project can take place. People within the community will be asked to bring empty glass bottles to the addresses stated previously. They will take these bottles to the top floors of the buildings where they will launch the glass into the alley. The glass will break and pile up. This will create a beautiful scene of broken glass. Below the glass will be a set of lights. Once the alley is filled with glass. The lights will be turned on. The light will reflect off of every shard of glass above it causing a beautiful visual. After this, a floor will be built above the glass and lights. The floor will be strong enough for people to walk on. The community that helped create this will be able to engage with the project again. They can walk above the glowing lights and flashing reflections to see the beautiful visual masterpiece that they helped create.

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