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Friday, March 17, 2006


Girly is a webcomic by Josh Lesnick. It centers generally around the romantic relationship between two girls, Otra and Winter, as well as other citizens of the city of Cute-Town.
Girly's design is line-based, without color, using a vertical format. The line drawing is something akin to a manga-style, but with more abstractions, giving it a sketched, freehand sort of look.
This broad, sweeping style of art fits the humor of the comic well. Playing off of stereotypes and absurdities, the world of Girly is one where cartoon-like wackiness has become a daily occurrance, happening with frenetic speed around the dimwitted populace. This mad buffoonery contrasts the depth and personality of the main characters, who wrestle with love, inspiration, and ennui in a world where a superhero with a fist for a head can run for mayor without anyone batting an eyebrow.
Along with absurdity and playing with stereotypes, Girly has a strong vein of sexual humor, which befits a comic strip with an emphasis on romance. As might be expected, the relationships of the main characters are deep and detailed, while the sexual events in the town at large are largely more fantastic and wacky.


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