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Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Ashley Altars: 17 years. Junior at STA.
She wants the typical love story and she thinks she'll find it in Adam, the most popular boy at her Catholic boarding school. Her parents died when she was six in a horrible car crash that by all means should have taken her life as well. Ashley grew up with her father's mom, her Grama, and her pet cat Bell, always wearing her key necklace which was a memento from her mother. Despite her tragic loss, she is an overall cheerful and optimistic person (unless you're a rude jerk). Although Ashley has some self esteem issues she is strong and aggressive in a lot of ways, but she needs to be more brave in romance.
Adam Evenine: 18 years. Senior at STA.
He has been Mr. Popular all his life, probably due to his clear blue eyes, shiny blonde hair, and sparkling smile. Even though he has people who worship him, he isn't stereotypically concieted. He has been dating Holly Belle for a long time but seems to be unhappy with the relationship. Adam seems to have only the brightest disposition, but could it only be because it's easier to hide secrets with a smile?


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