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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Road Waffles

Follow the adventures of Haley, a sassy twenty-something serial killer searching for a new life somewhere in the Nevada desert. Even though she's not very bright and desperately needs to take some anger management classes, she manages to make some friends along the way.
Once upon a padded cell there was Marlie Kincade, who escaped and started killing people and exhibiting chaotic behavior. For the most part she's completely unpredictable, even unpredictable in the predictability that she will do something unpredictable.
Moses J. Leviticus is a character with complete control of his comic, even though he doesn't know it's a comic. Don't tell him just yet.
Max Panic was born into the world a schemer. He knows how to talk to people, but he doesn't ever seem to have any money. Cammy is the only constant in his life.
One of Max's old friends, Cammy London spent the last few years working and living in poor conditions, supporting Max and herself in their apartment. She's mature and responsible, but not often happy as life wears her down. Max is her spark of hope.
Mature/Deranged Readers: gratuitous violence, sexual situations, brief nudity, mild expletives.


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