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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pewfell Porfingles

Pewfell Porfingles
Possibly the world's worst wizard, certainly it's laziest. To pay for home repairs and a new baby, Pewfell has recently been forced to take a job with the Spirekassle City Sewer Patrol.
Pewfell is an inept, untidy, sarcastic, world-weary, slacker who can guiltlessly spend all weekend on the couch... all week too, probably. Worse, he is quite stingy, and irresponsible, preferring to get others to do his dirty work. As a wizard Pewfell is an abject failure, but he has plenty of excuses and explanations for this. Thus he is able to remain in a blissful state of denial on the subject, believing himself to be one of the world's greatest sorcerers.
On the positive side though, Pewfell does love his wife, kid and cat and tries to take his duties as father & husband seriously. He's intelligent, witty and attempts to keep fit by practicing yoga. Although he has a tendency to run away from a fight, Pewfell is not actually a coward – just practical. He is quite used to facing death and does so with a dry, calm and cutting remark.. When push comes to shove he will usually end up doing the right thing.


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