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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Go Fish is the witty comic panel that gets inside the mind of psychiatrist Norman Floyd with insanely funny results. Created by J.C. Duffy, creator of "The Fusco Brothers," Go Fish is a clever, often hilarious comic panel peopled with eccentric characters and whimsical observations.
Psychiatrist Norman Floyd lives in a high-rise with his wife, Miriam, their son, Teddy, and their dog, Ruprecht. After spending his workday dealing with his daffy clients, Dr. Floyd returns home for an evening of...dealing with his daffy family.
"I could say I'm trying to explore the complexity of family relationships, along with delving deeply into the world of psychiatry and neuroses, but in fact I'm just trying to come up with something funny every day," says Duffy. "Since I don't actually have a wife, son, dog, or psychiatrist, I figured that was the most sensible approach to take."
TO THE COMIC - by J.C. Duffy


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