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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Human baby is stolen from parents by faeries. Stolen human baby is replaced by a faery baby(AKA changeling). Faery baby grows to the age of seventeen believing she is human. Faery baby's faery parents come to fetch her. Her human parents want her to go.
But she doesn't want to leave.
Faery baby- er, girl - is pulled between the faery and human worlds, and slips through the gap to an in-between world. Knowing she wouldn't have a place should she return to the humans, and not wanting to remain in-between, the girl began seeking out a way to the Faery lands.
The in-between world (called Tamhaile, just for the sake of giving it a name) is much like the human world. The main difference between our world and theirs is that nearly everyone there believes in magic. They also believe that it's dangerous - which it generally is. The Fae are feared and hated, and were supposed to have been banished, but they never really were. In fact, there seem to be more and more of them cropping up...


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