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Friday, April 14, 2006


Filler is, more or less a look at my life. But it's been drifting farther and farther away from reality every day for the last four years. I'd say that at some point the connections might just break off completely. Until then though it's bound to stay teathered to the real world in some way or another.
I'd had an obsession with comics for years, and finally decided to get around to drawing one. At the time, I was fifteen. At the very beginning, the strip was called "Doodles" because I couldn't think of anything better. I quickly dropped that name and searched for something better. Eventually, after a few other failed titles, the name "Filler" occured to me. And luckily enough, it stuck. However, while things were always happening in the comic, nothing was happening outside of it.
It got published in school newspapers a few times, but those publications were terribly inconsistent, as one might expect. However, by the Spring of 2005 I had become familar with the concept of a webcomic. So I brought mine to the net, and for some reason wound up here. The rest is history. Well... not much history has been made yet. I'm currently doing my damndest to spread the word about this site.
Robbie is awesome. That is to say, Robbie thinks that he's awesome. He's prone to both sarcasm and wild ideas that tend to get him into trouble. However, oddly enough, he's usually able to get himself out of said trouble, often through sheer luck. He comes off as a jerk to others sometimes, but doesn't see himself that way. Perhaps he's just a bit to direct with some people, he's not sure. Robbie enjoys video games, watching television, talking about things he hates, and spending long hours in front of the computer. He also attends college, but that doesn't appear to be turning out too well. Also, as a Red Sox fan, he is prone to bursts of baseball-related angst. It's best not to be near him when this happens.


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