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Sunday, June 18, 2006


Superhero name: The Green Avenger
Mild Mannered Alter-Ego: Abby Lark
Age: 22
Alignment: Hero
Powers: Flight, Super-Strength, Moderate Invulnerability, High Intelligence, Some minor Psychic Abilities (able to receive mind-to-mind communication but not initiate it, hears it when people call for help, no matter how far or quietly they do it.)
Weaknesses: Self-doubt, poor self-esteem, lack of sleep, weak ankles, prone to weight fluctuation and psychic/hypnotic suggestion. Not a huge fan of direct sunlight.
Information: As a youth, she idolized superheros, and when she came into superpowers, she decided to make it happen. Despite protests from her father, she was determined to become a superhero. After finishing college with a major in Criminal Justice, she moved to Twin City, the capital of Midwestota to make her way to being a genuine superhero. It didn't end up being as easy as she thought it'd be.
Archnemeses: None thus far.
Motivation: 75% just plain loves being a superhero, 15% overcoming self-doubt, 5% for the recognition, 5% to meet cute guys.


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