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Saturday, July 01, 2006


Broken Glass began with a role-playing game - Marvel Heroes, of all things. The game ended, but my character, The Angel of Misery, wouldn't go away, and that spawned this story. Dr. Fisher is the character of another player, who became so interwoven with Misery that he couldn't be seperate and still allow the story of Misery to be told. Fisher is based on that original character, with the permission of his old player.
Now, rather ironically, the Broken Glass world has spawned an RPG of its own. The plot of the current and ongoing game weaves around and through the plot as it unwinds in the comic. Many of the events are experienced by the PCs slightly before they happen online, or are run as parallel scenarios. The PCs interact with NPCs from the comic, as well as new characters who do not and will never appear online.
The RPG is a trip through a broken looking glass, into a mirror world populated by the Angel of Misery and all his demons, Dr. Fisher, Grace Fallon - and the Lualhati family, the protagonists of the game.


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