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Saturday, September 02, 2006

SPECTRUM Fantastic Art

Believing that there was a tremendous amount of high-quality fantastic-themed art work created each year that some how wasn’t being represented in other annual art books and shows, Spectrum was established in 1993 with the intent of providing creators with a regular showcase for the best fantasy, science fiction, horror, and otherwise uncategorizable artwork created each year.

A Call For Entries went out to the arts community and the response was overwhelmingly positive. A blue-ribbon jury convened to make selections from the work submitted and the results appeared in the first full color book, Spectrum 1, published by Underwood Books in 1994. A new installment in the Spectrum series has appeared every year since. Unique in its concept, significant in its content, beautifully direct in its execution, Spectrum is designed for readers who want to satisfy their sense of wonder while simultaneously serving as an invaluable resource for art directors, art buyers, and artists from all walks and sensibilities.

The focus isn’t the only characteristic that sets it apart from other art annuals: Spectrum was the first to specifically feature categories devoted to 3D, comics, and unpublished works. Likewise, Spectrum was the first book to significantly cut the time between the jury’s selection and the appearance of the annual: some of the other books appear up to two years after the close of their competitions, whereas Spectrum usually appears within eight months of our jury’s selection.
Spectrum is open to every artist who wishes to participate and can adhere to the competition’s rules: international entrants are welcome. Students, fine artists, and illustrators are all treated equally. There are no limits on the number of pieces an artist can submit and there is no pre-screening prior to judging.

The press run for Spectrum matches or significantly exceeds the circulations of the other art annuals/ source books published each year. Spectrum is sold in the mass market through all the major bookstores. Copies are also sent to many art directors and publishers to maximize exposure for the artists featured in the book. More eyes means more opportunities. As an international resource, participants have reported receiving commissions for work from clients from around the globe who have cited Spectrum as their contact source.

Spectrum doesn’t exist to categorize or define fantastic art; rather, it exists to honor the imaginations of very special artists who delight in helping us see the world in a wonderfully different light. It’s our job to help them reach a wider appreciative audience.



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