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Monday, December 31, 2007

A Quick Tip for Creating an Animation

A CreativeCow Adobe After Effects Tutorial:

Working at Charter Media provides Bob Thompson a lot challenges and rewards in terms of creating commercial spots and working for a cable company means a lot of spots come in and out of there.

Like a lot of you out there, it's very satisfying for Bob to see your sweat and sometimes, tears, create something very memorable. Bob knows how tight deadlines can force you to be economical in terms of using special effects. That's why Bob loves learning and creating new tutorials to help streamline the workflow to all video and animation artists.

In this quick tip for after effects users, CreativeCOW contributing editor, Bob Thompson creates a complex looking animation using only a camera, 3d layer, null object, and some duplicated layers. In only minutes, you can get an animated look with only one layer to worry about to control the motion. It's a quick fix to let you spend more time on other facets of your project workflow.

LEARN HOW...Tutorial by Bob Thompson
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