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Friday, September 14, 2007


Bernard Bear is the Polar Bear without hair.

You don't want to ask what happened...

Primitive, selfish, impatient, not only trouble MAKER but trouble FINDER also...

Don't miss his downloadable videos.

Barely a month before this year’s MIP-TV, 3D animated series Bernard has passed another major milestone in its success story – Universal Pictures International Entertainment has just bought the international DVD rights to the first season of 52 episodes. This ground-breaking deal for producer BRB Internacional represents the first time that the Spanish company has entered into such a wide-ranging alliance covering so many countries. The agreement has been helped by the excellent reception which Bernard has enjoyed in the countries (50 and counting) where it has been sold so far. Universal has also acquired mobile rights to Bernard in the UK.

Universal will start its DVD launch programme in a number of countries over the course of this year. In addition to the 52 adventures – or rather, misadventures – of this unusually clumsy polar bear as he makes his anarchic journey around the world, the two DVD pack will feature attractive extras for the fans to enjoy.



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