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Thursday, August 14, 2008


We all know that every independent filmmaker who can afford $399.00 for Canon's HV 30 1080i camera is planning to shoot their feature film with a very low budget. The HV30 is turbocharged with 30P mode in addition to 60i and 24P. For the best in high definition at this low price (and even at higher prices), right now you just can't beat the HV 30. CLICK HERE FOR CANON SPECS -

There are great implications in today's news for independent filmmakers through the magic of animation because most indy films are shot with low/no/micro budgets and that always means that the producers usually have little or no money and cannot afford to employ big name stars unless the stars agree to work for deferred pay or no pay. All this might change very fast especially if you're willing to work with dead stars...

According to Neil Dessau, chief marketing officer for Advanced Micro Devices, it is now possible to produce a new movie starring Marlon Brando with a "virtual" Marlon Brando. Of course, you would have to license Brando's personna and image from his estate (but this might not be as expensive as one might think early on in this crazy game).

Unveiling the company's new ATI Radeon graphics card here in New York Tuesday, Dessau said that the card will permit directors to control not only the lighting, staging, and dialog of movies digitally but also create virtual actors and easily manipulate their facial expressions.

The online edition of Advertising Age quoted Jules Urbach, founder of a firm developing high-quality animation as saying that it is now "possible to bring back actors from the past and realistically put them in new films."

Imagine a new film starring Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe with John Wayne thrown in for good measure! This has been possible for many years (but with lesser quality results by today's standards) since the program VIRTUAL MARILYN first sought to reproduce the image of Marilyn Monroe in films many years ago. The fact is that today's processors make the portrayals a lot more realistic and lifelike. CLICK HERE TO SEE a Demonstration of virtual Marilyn Monroe Footage (Miralab) from one decade ago -

In the past, we have been treated to TV commercials using digitized and edited versions of Louie Armstrong, Humphrey Bogart, W. C. Fields, Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marks and Abraham Lincoln, to name just a few of the deceased celebrities who have been used in films. Producers sought to put Marlon Brando in 2006 movie "Superman Returns" this way and they ended up with some amazing scenes that appropriately incorporated footage and Brando's old voice tracks with his reflection in the crystals.

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