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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dragon in 3D by Media55 - Use Red & Cyan 3D Glasses

Wow, want to see an incredible effect that you have never seen before ?, get out your Red & Cyan 3D glasses, download the full resolution version of this 3D clip from Vuze. Then view it in full screen with the room lights down and stand back from the monitor. See how far the head of the dragon comes out the screen.

The animation was created by A Daz3D artist, I only Rendered the existing animation using Poser and then created the stereoscopic version you see here. So I only take credit for the 3D stereo effect.

(Please note that the 3D effect does not work on old style CRT tube televisions)

The HD version of this animation is available as a DivXHD file or WMV HD for playback on PS3's or Nedia Players, contact Phil Brown for details:

For more information on 3D stereoscopic imagery, please visit the media55 website:



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