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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Way back when, before there was an ADVENTURERS! I came up with the idea for a story - or rather, the ending to a story. A character would find a legendary sword and then, as he's doing his heroic speech, fall off a cliff causing evil to win. This story ended up being written by me and a friend of mine as the original Nate Wars. Fast forward a few months, when we wrote a few more stories, and played through Chrono Trigger (having missed it back during it's SNES heyday). Then, something hit me: I was good at writing humor, I like RPGS, and I was delusional about how good my drawing was, so I started ADVENTURERS! one day in math class.
Fortunately the delusion meant I kept at it, so eventually my art actually got good over the years ADVENTURERS! ran. However, nothing can last forever, and I found myself running out of RPG Cliches and tiring of the 'clueless/straight guy' dynamic Karn and Ardam usually deliver. So I started sketching, again. I sketched a guy in a trenchcoat, with a wierdly designed gun: this design went through many revisions and I started planning the story. Character ideas flooded into my head and I started to feel more creative then I had in months.
I made the five page bonus comic for ADVENTURERS! and Antihero for Hire was offically born. There are a lot of similarities between what you'll read here and at the ADVENTURERS! site, but there are a lot of differences too. Antihero for Hire really isn't a parody comic, it's a comedy-driven superhero action comic. There will be parody moments, but there will be a lot of storylines with their own brand of humor, and there will even be some comics which have no humor in them at all - just a warning here - in order to further the story. Here's hoping you enjoy what you read!


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