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Saturday, March 11, 2006


Joe Cartoon is from michigan. he is easy to recognize in a crowd due to his tendency towards nakedness. he likes beer. using the cover of nighty joe frequently visits the zoo and whispers sweet nothings to the underage giraffes. this greatest hits dvd is nothing more than a giant cry for help from a guilt ridden madman who has thus far eluded capture. there is no reason to avoid capture, he's just extremely paranoid and this provides amusement for those lucky enough to know him. joe lives in a chartruese double wide on ten acres of pristine michigan woodlands. he shares it with his wife, three children, two dogs, three cats, and one hamster. the hamsters name is jim...i told my son he could name it anything he wanted... he named it jim. joe does not wear jewelry, have a hot tub or drink "crystal" . joe does drive a pickup truck and drinks miller lite but not at the same time. at parties joe tends to make people uncomfortable. i cannot elaborate on just happens.
Joe Cartoon has a podcast if you don't know this already. subscribe!


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