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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Blood Lark

An unfinished fantasy epic about a young girl who gets thrown out of the house by her drunken father to go on some stupid quest. With a magic sword to aid her, she gets drawn into a deadly plot... can she and her new friends survive?
Strey is the 'leader' of the party and probably the most intelligent and strategically-minded in the group. She's actually quite talentless when it comes to weapons or magic, but the sword her dad gave her has some interesting powers. Because of the sword's precision when striking at the neck of an opponent, she was dubbed 'Strey the Decapitator' by the barkeep of Lerianth.
Her past is shady, it can be assumed that she endured her childhood doing menial labor and chores for her drunken dad. The whereabouts of her mother are unknown.
Kids'll Dig It: violence, occult themes


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