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Saturday, March 18, 2006


This comic has had a long run -- two years is almost unimaginable in the webcomicking world. It was always my dream to beat the odds and push past the 20-comic mark, the 1-year mark, etc., and finish the story. But as my studies grow more important, expensive, and generally involved, I find myself lacking the time to draw comics on a regular basis. Plus, there's a larger issue:
In many respects, making this comic has ceased to be fun for me. In the past six months in particular, I have been growing increasingly frustrated with all the story-related snarls, gaps, and general issues I've managed to work into the comic. There are parts that never should have been included, there are too many flashbacks, and there are a billion and one things that badly need to be explained. To top it off, I find myself yearning for the ability to "experiment" a little more with the artwork, something that I am hesitant to do with a serial comic.


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