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Saturday, March 04, 2006


Not a real comic book eye, but an incredible facsimile. HIP FLASK is a tough-talking, wise-cracking private eye, who walks softly, but carries a big gun. And, um, he's a hippopotamus. In fact, according to the cover of the very first faux issue of Hip Flask Mysteries, way back in 1958 (yeah, right!) he's "One Hungry Hippo..." And another blurb goes on to relate how Hip is "Harder than Rockford, more Frank than Cannon, but not quite as Foxy as Mulder, his mother named him Hieronymous Flask; only his colleagues call him "Hip." The people that really know him well don't call him at all."
He seems to be accompanied at times by his voluptuous and well-endowed Gal Friday, Satin, or his partner, the equally hot Vanity Case.
Hip was actually created by Richard Alan for Active Images as a marketing tool for their comic book fonts on their web site. Hip may only be a shill, and a gag, but he's a great one, as some of the best artists in the comics biz (Jim Lee, Brian Bolland, Sergio Aragones, etc...) pay loving tribute to the funny books, with some loving parodies that manage to poke some gentle fun, and maybe even sell a few fonts.


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