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Friday, March 10, 2006


Ghosts connect themselves to a certain person, and with that person can perform Reversing, which results in supernatural powers given to both, a solid form to the ghost and a zombie form to the human. They use these forms to participate in fights over haunting territory and to protect ghosts from ghost hunting Spiritualists. The world is set up under two gods, Life and Death, and most belief systems are based on the importance of balance between the two. Currently something is wrong with the system in order for ghosts and zombies to exist.
The story follows Orrick and how his life has been greatly altered since he agreed to be the ghost girl Mahalah's friend. At the time she didn't mention being her friend involved becoming a zombie and fighting other Undeads. However he is adapting, as is his other friends. Undead Friend is actually not a fight-based comic, if it’s none-stop action you want, UF is probably not for you. Its primary focus is on the characters and their development, and as time goes on the Undead Conspiracy. However much fun in fighting and gore is to be had.


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