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Monday, March 06, 2006

Jason Snyder's Art

Jason Robert Snyder spent most of his childhood on a farm in pennsylvania, studying his surroundings and formulating ideas of the world around him. He began transferring his ideas through oil paint while attending the pennsylvania state university as an architectural engineering student. completely self taught, through trial and error in the years since, he has developed his unique style and interpretation of reality to what it is today. in each one of his pieces, he uses vibrant colors and distorted figures to convey one idea about the human spirit. Currently, in addition to fine art, jason is a custom framer at carmen's gallery and design studio in solomons, maryland, as well as a freehand pinstriper. Jason resides in California, Maryland with his wife, Laura; his dog, Leia; and his '53 Buick. SEE THE ART -


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