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Monday, April 10, 2006

Michiko Monagatari

Michiko Monagatari means “the tale of Michiko.” I've seen Monagatari spelt as "Monogatari" and since I'm not a student of Japanese language, I can't tell which is the more correct form. Since I got my spelling from what I consider a reputable source, I'll leave the spelling in its original form.
Michiko is of course the main character; a swordswoman that due to certain circumstances is wandering the world. It is through Michiko and the other characters that we get to explore the world of Maruihara (means “round field”).
Maruihara is not like the world that we come from. It has the same physical properties, but the people that are living on it (in it) are coming to terms with the world they inhabit and the rules that govern the world. Everyone is struggling to live life and understand it and find reasons for their continued existence.


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