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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Saved from commiting suicide at the age of 25 by Jade, Jin accepted Jade's offer of a fresh start. Now fully trained, she joins the Greenstone Agency as the newest member of the group. Cautious, quiet, but with the eyes that miss little.
Known to almost everyone as 'Jade', the mercenary captain is both a saviour and thorn in many people's sides. Cunning, opportunistic... but with a strong sense of something that could almost be called justice.
Doc, known to the inhabitants of Lanner Place as Doc Ice is the rather scary-looking medic for the Greenstone mercenaries. A good soul in a wreck of a body, the good doctor is actually a lot nicer than he looks. With odd sleeping habits and a liking for tea, the generally even-tempered and level-headed doctor is sometimes subject to fits of moroseness. Has a Siberian Husky named Caleb.


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