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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Hi, I am Luann DeGroot. And this is all the hot gossip on my family and friends. Want to know how much my brother weighs? Curious about Gunther's secret passion? Wonder what's up with Tiffany? Dying to know more about Aaron Hill? Good. I'm ready to tell. Read on. Luann DeGroot: First of all, let me explain my name. Luann comes from my dad's fertile imagination. He has a two cousins, one named Lou and one named Ann. Thus, Luann. It's an okay name, except people want to say it Lu-AHn. And they always spell it like LuAnn or Luanne. But I suppose I should be grateful my dad didn't have cousins named Mo and Ron. DeGroot is a Dutch name, although there's nothing Dutch about me (those wooden shoes are way cool, though). I'm 16, I'm a Virgo and I go to Pitts School (motto: We're The Pitts!). I'm average in most every way, except I have large feet. But the best thing about me isn't me, it's my friends. So let's dish the dirt on them, shall we?
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