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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Precious is kind and gentle. The typical girl everyone loves to hate for being a goody two shoes. But in actuality its something she has to work at constantly. In reality she is scared of failure, not very trusting of herself, has low confidence, needs to feel needed and is prone to anger & a lack of grace. However above all she is extremely understanding and has a vivid imagination.
Enya is the almost exact opposite of Precious. She can be mean and is highly protective of her things. However she can be kind in moderation. She loathes homework, loves watching animes. Its not unknown for her to dramatise everything she does like its a scene out of an anime. She has an almost obsessive love for all things that are cute or japanese. Jumps from topic to topic so fast you are left confused. Talks too much. She loves being in the limelight.


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