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Monday, May 01, 2006


Chappy Chappy is the main character of Irritability. He is endowed with superhuman strength and speed, as well as the ability to cause things to erupt into flames. He has had these abilities since birth, and so, for any problem or inconvenience he ever faced, the easiest solution was always violence. Because of this, he never bothers to think about anything, since the solution will always be the same: smash something. He isn't entirely stupid, at least if he ever decides to think about something. He lives in the Banana House.
Chappy's origin is as an X-com soldier. X-com is a fairly old computer strategy game where you manage earth's resistance to an alien invasion. Usually your soldiers get to kill about 0-10 aliens before they die themselves, maybe 8-30 for the good ones. Chappy Chappy, however, was able to kill about 300 aliens without ever dying. I once sent him into an alien base by himself as a joke, expecting to just reset without saving after he died, but he killed all 15 aliens by himself. I was surprised. Chappy Chappy represents myself, most of the time.


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