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Sunday, May 21, 2006


Years ago, Kevin Kindle the rabbit and Kell Dewclaw the wolf met in an online chat room. After falling head over heels for each other, they decided to meet in person. It wasn't until then that they realized they were from separate ends of the food chain. However, the relationship they'd developed online overcame Kevin's instinct for self-preservation, and Kell's heart melted from such a demonstration of trust. Kell was energetic and vivacious, qualities Kevin had found lacking in herbivores. Such a relationship between predator and prey was certainly doomed to fail but these two opposites were determined to make things work. They eventually married knowing good and well they would be outcasts in their own society.
Along for the ride was Kevin's adopted hedgehog daughter Lindesfarne from his previous marriage and Kell's wolf cub son Rudy from hers. A year later, Kell gave birth to Coney, the canrivorus baby bunny who inherited Kevin's big ears and Kell's meaty appitite. They all live in a treehouse in the Township of Domain, just North of the vast uncivilized region known simply as The Wild.
Other than their taboo marriage, these woodland Bradys are not that unlike any typical American family. Kell works at the corporate headquarters of Herd Thinners Inc., the worlds primary supplier of grocery meat by-products. Kevin runs a local Internet Service Provider called Hare-Link from the basement of their home. Lindesfarne & Rudy both attend Caliban Academy, the local public high school. Rudy goes during the day and Lindesfarne attends at night being a nocturnal species after all.
The world in which they live makes everything we would consider mundane have a unique and humorus spin. It's a place inhabited soley by intelligent animals who drive cars, use computers, pay taxes and yet still cling firmly to their instincts and the circle of life.


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