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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


STAR WARS. One of the biggest cult followings in the history of the world and perhaps the most parodied movies ever. And here I bring you, yet ANOTHER parody: STAR BORED!!! But this is no ordinary parody...
This is Star wars ISH style!
I'll be more concise.
This comic was inspired by you guys in the graduating class of 2003 from the International School of The Hague. Every character in this comic is based on one of you people molded into the form of a popular cult figure. Or as a filler extra. Whatever... Naturally, the main character Boovock is played by myself.
And for those of you net surfers who happened to find this site and do not know either me or any of my friends (most of the people who are reading this I assume), I welcome you too to the site... I hope you enjoy it.
I'd like to apologize in advance if you do not understand many of the jokes - most of these are in jokes that perhaps only the people that this was designed for would understand, but I have tried on many levels to make this accessible to a wider audience. I'm curious of whether the general public is capable of appreciating this, Star Wars rip-off and all, so please drop me some feedback if you'd like to make a comment.
And the parodying is not just focused on Star Wars... Yes, I admit that the main core of it is based on George Lucas's Billion dollar idea, but it also spreads far and wide to every movie that in my opinion is just asking for it - perhaps you could amuse yourself by trying to figure out which bit is from where.


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