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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Antics V3 Special Sale

Antics Technologies is making Antics V3 ProPack available to all Animation Co-op members at a highly discounted rate of $295 (LIST $595).

The Antics Sale will end Monday, January 14, 2008.

Antics is an easy to use 3D animation software application for producing rapid 3D animations, whether for pre-viz, storyboards, pitching ideas, fully polished 3D animations, machinima, legal reconstructions, education, military/police simulations or emergency response training. As a V3 ProPack user, you are entitled to loads of FREE premium content in the Antics online warehouse at

Antics also has a FREE version of V3 called the V3 BasePack. This is a fully-functional perpetual version of Antics with a small sample library of content and soon BasePack users will be able to purchase premium content packs from Antics on their webstore.

For a list of all of the product differentials between V3 ProPack and V3 BasePack, please see

Now for the details on how to take advantage of the V3 ProPack special offer:

• Go to the Antics website, and register on the site. (You will need to do this for both V3 ProPack and V3 BasePack.)
• Once you’ve registered and activated your account through your confirmation email, you can go to the Antics webstore (select either US/Canada webstore or UK/Rest Of World)
• If you have any issues with registration or aren’t receiving the confirmation email, please email and they will activate your account for you!
• Once on the webstore you can either download V3 BasePack for FREE or purchase V3 ProPack for $295.
• To get the special $295 price, please remember to use the following coupon code: ANT3PSP304
• Again, this sale is valid through January 14th, 2008.


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