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Sunday, August 17, 2008

FAN ART takes off!


Many filmmakers and film fans are creating careers for themselves by producing "fan" art.

It's becoming common to see filmmakers use comic characters in their films and artists who are creating their own renditions of famous comic heroes. Fan art and fan films of copyrighted characters produced as "tribute" pieces enable newcomers to demonstrate their mastery and skill and they offer professionals a looka t alternatives.

Chris Notarile's POWER GIRL film is an exceptional example of what independent filmmakers are producing. "After mutliple "incidents" involving massive property damage to Metropolis and New York city, the JLA and the JSA agree that Power Girl should take a little vacation from crime fighting to collect herself and to allow her out of control powers to settle. And after a phone call with her cousin, Clark Kent (aka Superman), during this "time off", he suggests Power Girl get a day job to help fit in. Easier said than done." A great comical piece!

From Australian Wonder Woman artist Josh MC: "Here's a quick bit of fun I whipped up. A mate of mine mentioned my recent Wonder Woman artwork would be a great shot for a movie poster, so it got me thinking and this is a design for a teaser poster I came up with.

I manipulated the airbrushing a bit to look more like my regular WW model, actress Cobie Smulders, and gave it a slightly degraded/ancient look to go with the serious tone for the movie (well the one I have in my mind anyway).

The logo I'm quite happy with and I'm quite pleased with the tag line (see all those years at graphic design school paid off!)".


Wonder Woman Teaser Poster by ~joshwmc on deviantART

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