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Sunday, March 05, 2006


The titular hero, er, protagonist... main character. As a Ninja, he possesses abilities abeyond that of a normal person. As a member of the Ghost Orb clan, he was given a possessed jewel that rests in the middle of his headband. Luckily, they didn't take it back when they kicked him out, so he can still summon his battle spirit if need be. Aside from spending time perfecting his craft, like any good Ninja, Ikago occassionally tries to worm his way back into his old clan, and all too often finds himself dealing with his friends. Don't these people have lives?
Ikago's signature weapon is the Tenta-Kiru, or SquidBlade. Consisting of a diamond-shaped blade on the end of a chain tucked into a metal shaft, the weapon is used primarily to stab, occasionally as a grapple, and rarely to slash. Nobody knows if Ikago made it or had it made for him, and it's rumored that he has a second, much in the way that a squid's feeding tentacles come in pairs.


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