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Sunday, March 05, 2006


The crew of the heavily modified Ionian transport ship Haphazard were once freelancers. Now they're caught in the middle of something they could possibly imagine: the erradication of the human race by an unknown source. They now have the galaxy's rarest inhabitant, the last human.
The story joins the freelance crew of the Haphazard, a heavily modified Ionian transport craft repaired more times than a Fiat.
On the search for yet another new Captain (their last lost due to static), they hired Nick Swift, much to the second in command's annoyance at being overruled by the ships holographic AI, Zee. An apparent bum who's only other job prospect was selling doughnuts and stupidly named hot beverages on Mars, Nick met the rest of the crew; Eugene Preston a friend he used to cruise around Luna with, and Georgina Dagenham.
Nick's first command as Captain was to head for Earth so he could attend to "a little unfinished business". As the Haphazard approached Earth orbit an unexplainable event occured. The Earth blew up. Not only the Earth, but every human colony in the galaxy was obliterated. Nick apparently passed out and woke to find out the rest of the human race had been wiped out, he it's only survivor saved by some quick thinking and emergency surgery by the rest of the crew.
I am not going to design any new spacesuits anytime soon. Though I am glad I managed to get the helmets down, because seriously, they were the difficult bits. I didn't like the idea of just haveing a sodding bucket on my characters heads, so I made the helmEts kinda fancy. They've got two parts have hinge and seal together over the head, that then seal with the metal ring around the neck. I got the idea from the new Battlestar Galactica series (finally finished watching the mini-series/entire series 1), where their neck clasps are separate from their uniform allowing for a secure fit around the neck instead of a giant helmet bubble to fit over the head. Watch it, you might understand what I'm getting at, or maybe not. Anyway, the point is, helmets at the normal head drawing angle is evil... but I've got it sorted, all is good, yahoo!


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