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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wandering Ones

In the year 2035, a human specific man-made super-virus is loosed upon the world, killing off at least 80% of the world’s population. However, the virus doesn’t kill everyone.
It was launched by the Mavonites, followers of an incredibly charismatic leader, Xavier Mavon. Mavon was one of the richest men ever to walk the Earth, and he decided that Man was meant to colonize and explore the stars. This would have been great except that he made that dream into a very excluxive/conservative religion and if you weren't willing to give him total fealty, you had no worth to him.
In 2027, his Mavtech corp. had come up (among other things) with an amazing technology for folding spacial distances. Mavon had his dream in front of him.
He convinced his millions of followers to go onto colony ships and into cryofreeze units, The plan to launch the super-virus was known only to Mavon and a few of his high and mighty. When the plaque was launched, the Mavonites exited spacial fold left. If they didn't find any habitable worlds, they could recolonize a deserted Earth. The virus had a limited life span nd no ability to mutate.


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