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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Fresh to New York City, Edda Burber is a young, newly employed dancer in a prestigious, metropolitan ballet company, embarking on a life of her own, with her own loves, hopes and ambitions, and her own tax forms.
Amos, Edda's friend since childhood, Amos studies cello at the Juilliard School, in the same performing arts complex where Edda dances professionally. One of the biggest and newest conflicts in Amos' friendship with Edda is that they have also fallen in love, and handle the situation rather badly.
In the summer of 1993, Brooke McEldowney created 9 Chickweed Lane, which quickly developed a strong and tenacious following. The strip has received two Genesis Award Commendations for animal rights issues.
TO THE COMICS - (c) by Brooke McEldowney; Distr by USF Inc. -


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