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Sunday, April 02, 2006


The Fray is a sci-fi/humor comic about an alien named, Grugg. Grugg is part of an extra-terrestrial colony poised at the perimeter of our galaxy’s asteroid belt, ready to launch a galactic plan to take over Earth.
The insurance to achieve this rests in the hands of The Fray, a genetically enhanced alien predestined to successfully complete this mission. Grugg’s duty is to wake The Fray from hyper-sleep to get this planetary pillaging underway.
Enter…the genesis of the plot. Grugg freaks when he finds The Fray DEAD and quickly contrives his own plan to double as the now lifeless chosen one to save his own hide. Without considering the repercussions of this deceiving move, Grugg faces an extraordinary future.
The Fray has been slated as a three-part short story series presented in traditional newspaper comic strip format. The first two parts have been completed. The third chapter is in the works and will be presented online in comic book format.


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