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Sunday, May 07, 2006


THE PULSE: What is Battle of the Planets?
JO CHEN: It's the English title for Gatchaman. I watched it when I was little living in Taiwan. During that time it was cutting-edge animation. I remember that the plot's emphasis being on the characters rather than the technology. If I remember correctly, we saw both Gatchaman series in Taiwan. The two theme songs were clearly different.
THE PULSE: Did you watch Gatchaman or the US BotP when you were younger? If so, what did you like best about the series?
JO CHEN: Yes. Both Christina and I watched it. We were still in Kindergarten at the time. I remember liking when the ship would jump to hyperspace, all the Gatchaman team would faint and be laying all over deck. I always laughed because even as a kid I would think it funny that they suddenly forgot about seatbelts in the future. In fact, I always am reminded of this whenever I watch the old Star Trek series. The ship is suddenly rocked from side to side and crewmen are falling all over the bridge...wouldn't happen if they just fastened their seatbelts.


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