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Friday, May 12, 2006


Hard-drinking, chain-smoking, foul-mouthed and without a sense of humor, Sanzo’s the kind of guy to shoot first with his Banishing Gun and ask questions later. Incidentally, he’ll draw on both enemies and friends-whatever it takes to maintain a little peace and quiet.
The Sanzo group stops to rest in a village temple. The desolate village’s sole source of prosperity comes from the monetary offerings made to the temple priest, who protects the villagers from demons.
Having received a warm reception, the group notices a young boy, Taiga, creeping into the gardens. His father went missing a week earlier, and Taiga thinks the reason has something to do with the temple. He sneaks into one of the rooms where he witnesses the priest conspiring with the demon Taoist and is captured on the spot. Taiga’s older sister Reika tells the group, “My little brother is missing and they leave to search for him. Sanzo stays behind in the room, not wanting to involve himself in the situation, but the priest there takes an interest in his scripture and begins to approach him.


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