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Sunday, May 07, 2006


October 29, 2023. A bizarre virus is introduced into the earth's atmosphere, simultaneously infecting each and every inhabitant of the planet. Human and animal alike. Within hours, the world begins to realize that something otherworldly is taking place. The dead are rising, infused with unnatural strength and agility. What's more, they're hungry, and bent on devouring every last living creature on Earth.
The planet is seized by panic, war and eventual desolation. The few humans who remain live in various makeshift settlements scattered across the globe. Converted prisons, military compounds and the like. The world has become a writhing nightmare, intent on devouring anyone foolish enough to venture outside. Into the wastelands.
19 years later, in the fall of 2042, a lost little girl named Zoe washes ashore with little or no memory of how she got there. The world is desecrated and seemingly empty, populated only by legions of the lurking undead. Alone and horrified, Zoe must make her way inland.
Lured by the distant sound of music, she stumbles upon a forgotten graveyard, in which dwells the mysterious Dirge - a dead man who has returned to "life" in Zombie form, but through a strange neurochemical loop-hole, has retained all the moral sensibilities of a human being. Taking her reluctantly under his wing, Dirge agrees to escort the girl to the nearest human settlement, along with his decomposing dog, Cerberus.
Along the way, the two will encounter all manner of undead abominations. Flesh-eating clowns, rotting circus animals, and a zombified velociraptor with a 60 million year case of freezer burn. They will soon come to realize, however, that zombies may be the least of their problems.


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