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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Page Layout in Relation to Comics Storytelling

the phenomenon of multiple dialectics in comics layout
My Masters thesis exploring the uses of page layout in relation to comics storytelling. A lot of my theories on how comics work are explored and enlarged and, despite the title, it isn't dry academic reading. Trust me.
The thesis is divided into several PDF files for easy download. As it says in the report, all images are copyright their respective owners.
When we're reading comics, we don’t see one panel at a time, we see two pages (or an entire screen). Most comics artists ignore or fight this, but it presents great possibilities for storytelling--not just flashy effects. What possibilities? How does this external system relate to the internal system of panel transitions? What about “closure”? Glad you asked... John takes on McCloud, Eisner, Chaykin, Cohn, and hundreds of years of comics dogma.
theory part 1 theory part 2
A huge chunk of stuff on this site relates to my research. In this section, I go through the exercises I've done and try to pick out what worked, what didn't, and--more importantly--what was interesting. Where do my ideas come from...?


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