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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bob & Margaret

Based on an Oscar-winning short film 'Bobs Birthday' from 1995, 'Bob & Margaret' is a show I've seen many episodes of over time, but I've never managed to watch them all (52 episodes over 4 seasons - not sure if they've all been aired here) in the correct order. Deceptively simple in its premise, Bob (a Dentist) and Margaret (a Chiropodist) stuggle to work out what's missing from their life. Essentially, they're not entirely suited to modern life, but like so many of us they still battle to master it.
There's uncomfortable relationships with other couples that they're not entirely keen on, odd relatives, annual events they feel obliged to be a part of, the hassles of their jobs, and the stuggle to maintain their own relationship in the midst of it all - so we all go through these things, and that's not the reason to feel it's familiar as much as it is the reason we can all relate and enjoy their pain in that odd fashion we all seem to.
The initial series is typically British, later episodes may compromise in their approach as they're more America-friendly due to funding and production issues. Snowden and Fine remained involved even when scripts were initially written by others (the show seems to originate as a Channel 4 (U.K) show, moved on to Nelvana in its later incarnations until it finished in 2001), as is often the case as a show gathers more awards and a larger audience. In its content and approach, it does compare somewhat to 'The Simpsons', 'King of the Hill' and 'Seinfeld'; on Comedy Central its' rating are second only to 'South Park'.
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