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Saturday, September 02, 2006


I completed C++ fundamentals using Visual Studio.NET 2003 class with an A. The class was definitely well organized and a good compliment to my previous C course. I learned a lot about C++ as well as the new managed code (MFC) for .NET and the program itself, which is very powerful.

I'm taking another run through with the notes because some of the concepts take some getting used to. This semester I will take 'Introduction to UNIX and Linux' and take this to the next level. I've decided recently that I am going to aim to get certification on the subjects I am taking because I am kind of on that course anyhow and these other courses will really tie it all together for me.

After a year or so I'm guessing, I plan to get a Certificate Program in C/UNIX. That means though that there is still a handful of courses I will have to take after this one, including 'Advanced C Programming Techniques', 'Intermediate UNIX and Linux', 'UNIX and Linux Shell Scripting', and 'Introduction to Perl with Applications to CGI Programming'.

On another note, we are moving into this brand new office that has all new age design, game room, gym, awesome viewing room, all for Infinity Ward. The new work we are doing is going very well. I'm adding all sorts of new ideas and 'inventions' to the pipeline. I'm doing mass amounts of stuff as usual, trying to push everything to THE next level.



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