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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Some Character Sketches

We're a group of third year Sheridan students who will be using this blog to show concept, design and animation tests on our group film.

Hello all! Since the next thing due is our character package, I did some rough sketches yesterday of our characters, just trying to move them around and such. Just thought I'd post them so perhaps others could get ideas from them or something... yeah, so here they are!

SET UP?BEGINNING-emphasis on clarity and set up
-robots working in a factory...
-an old rusty robot is busily working away.. when all of a sudden he stops, he is no longer moving.
-a sentinel comes in shadow scoops him up and smashes him into pieces..
-we see his neighbor, BOLTON, frightened by this action, and busily trying to look busy sorting pieces of organic matter and metal from a basin of oil.
-the old robots head floats by, he picks it up and a flower falls out.
-he looks at the flower inquisitively, we see a shadow in the background, thinking it is the sentinel bolton hides the flower and looks away
-a pretty shiny new gril robot is put in the old robots place, bolton is mesmerized by her 'beauty'
he is in at first sight.


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