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Sunday, September 03, 2006


featuring the Bullwinkle Puppet

The Bullwinkle Show was a spin-off of Jay Ward's successful Rocky and his Friends series. The Rocky and Bullwinkle characters had been created in the late 1940's by Ward's former partner, Alex Anderson, as part of The Frostbite Falls Revue, a series proposal which didn't sell.

The series was to be the adventures of a group of animals running a TV station in the North Woods. The cast (seen in the background of this web page) included Oski Bear, the station's cameraman; Blackstone Crow, the director; Sylvester Fox, an egotistical actor ; Flora Fauna, the leading lady; and Rocky the flying squirrel and Bullwinkle, a French-Canadian Moose.

Ward loved the moose and squirrel characters, and years later decided to use them in a new series. Rocky and his Friends premiered on ABC-TV on November 19, 1959. On September 24, 1961 it was renamed The Bullwinkle Show and moved to NBC-TV in prime time.

In addition to airing the shows in color, NBC devised a gimmick where the cartoons would be introduced by a Bullwinkle puppet, voiced by Bill Scott. The puppet would make fun of current events and celebrities, including Walt Disney, who happened to follow The Bullwinkle Show on NBC Sunday nights. You can now hear a rare closing to The Bullwinkle Show in RealAudio, with Bullwinkle mentioning Mr. Disney.



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