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Sunday, September 03, 2006


>what is this red bear dead thing, anyway?
well, red bear dead is a story involving the intertwining lives of a number of characters inhabiting the red bear dead universe.
>yeah ok, but what exactly is it?
there is currently no specific media which the story is tied down to. i've got some (fairly ambitious) ideas and plans for where i would like to take it, but we'll see what happens in the future. right now i'm mostly concentrating on developing and fleshing out the red bear dead universe.

>are you marketing anything?
i dont have anything to sell currently, but i think i'm going to get some stuff made in the near future. if you can help in any serious matter (a cool product idea and an understanding of how to go about getting it produced, or someone looking to invest, etc.) you are mroto contact me.

>what's up with the whole "alexander" thing?
haha, well... no, alexander is not supposed to be me more than any of the other characters. i named him that because i really like the name (though i hate being called the full version, personally... it's weird) , and i like to joke around about starting dark empires... not that we dont naturally share some characteristics. :P

>where can i get the latest information on this stuff?
i'll try to update the site as often as possible, but if you'd like to see some stuff as i work on it, i tend to post things to the
redbeardead livejournal, i have set up. additionaly i post things in the forum section of this site.

>what happened to that first chapter flash animation?
i'm not really keen with a tale told in red (katya's quest): chapter one. it was basically me learning how to make a cartoon in flash, and there are many problems with it (for instance not being able to click through things, horribly slow pacing, etc) but if you'd like to see it again you can >click here<. keep in mind though, its quite old, and a first effort.

>are there going to be any new animations?
i lost all the files to the first chapter and library of animations i made in a hard drive crash. i've already started rebuilding the animation library, but not with doing more animations in mind. i think i may take up the animations again, though. if i do the first chapter will have to be redone, and it also takes a bit of time to get them done and all red bear dead work is done in my free time, so if i do make some they probably wont be very frequent.



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