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Friday, March 16, 2007

Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics was founded by company president, Peter Simeti, in February 2006. They are a small press indie comic company that lets creators keep 100% ownership of their work. Creators are even allowed (if they choose to do so) to be published under the Alterna Comics name, while they pursue larger scale publishers.

A graphic novel prelude to an upcoming series, writer/artist Michael Bracco has created a world filled with passion, war, and revenge. Based on two alien worlds that depend upon one another for survival of their species, Birth tells the story of the conflict that becomes of both nations when joy and love turn into resentment and bloodshed.

Alterna Comics currently has 10 titles in their collection: Spectrum, The Chair, Morbid Myths, Birth, Diary of the Black Widow, Risers, Ruin, Novo, Mr. Puffinopolus, and an in-house anthology that will be published in the summer of 2007. Sunny Hills: Asylum for the Criminally Insane was one of their flagship titles but has since been discontinued by creator Travis Gore, citing creative differences. Only the first issue has seen production.

Alterna Comics publishes books with color covers and black and white interiors. Producing several hundred to a thousand copies of each book, depanding on demand. A print-on-demand production service is used to order the amount of copies needed.

Alterna Comics carries all kinds of books and is welcome to every genre, with the exception of SuperHero comics. Unless you feel your superhero comic puts a different twist on the genre, please do not submit your superhero works. While not to say that anyone at Alterna Comics does not love or like superhero comics, Marvel and DC (as well as a slew of others) do those styles much better.

Since formation in early 2006, Alterna Comics has grown in popularity and recognition. Receiving positive reviews for their works, they are often touted as having better than average work, especially for a small press company. They have also received support in the indie comics community and intend on always bringing different, creative, and intelligent work to readers everywhere.

2007 holds many great things for the indie company as they begin a convention tour. Being based on Long Island, NY - Alterna Comics plans on attending many New York conventions as well as others throughout the country.

Keep your eyes peeled for this up and coming small press company at a convention or comic shop near you!



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