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Saturday, March 17, 2007


Animated panel-at-a-time web comics and manga - what we are calling comicimations - are a synthesis of the comic/manga and the Flash animation. Some don't think they are true comics... others do. We do believe they are true comics if the viewer can control the timing of the progression of the panels, and if there is no human language heard in the audio.

We were not the first to do this... and it's doubtful that we will be the last! Although we consider King Blastitall a comic, we respect the opinion many will have that it isn't. Whether it is or it isn't really isn't a big concern of ours. Our concern is to make web entertainment in a unique way that people will (hopefully) enjoy... regardless of what they call it. We coined a name for this type of work - comicimation - and since the domain name was still sitting out there available as of early 2005, and since we got no google hits on the word - we are pretty sure that we're the first ones who thought of it. What else would anyone call something halfway between a comic and an animation?!

Oh, by the way, the "we" I keep referring to is me, Derrik Dean, aka Abu Spittoons, aka a few other names. Forgive me for using the "royal we": I've been working on a piece about a king! For those of you who have comments, questions, want to yell at me, disagree with the whole premise of the site, etc., you can email me at . Or for public comments, leave feedback at!

But enough of the chatter and on to the fun! My first stab at a comicimation - King Blastitall - is a fractured fairy tale period-piece satire sorta thing. I've had more fun making this than I've had making anything in a long time... so I hope you read it and that you chuckle as much as you're reading it as I do when I'm making it!



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